Classes I teach

  • R690 Application of Research Methods to Instructional Systems Technology Issues 

  • R711 Survey of Readings & Research in Instructional Technology

  • L750 Research in the Professional Development of Second/Foreign Language Teachers

  • L750 TESOL in Asia: An Alienation of Theory from Practice?

  • L750 International Perspectives on Language Teacher Education Research

  • L650 Qualitative Data Collection & Analysis in Language/Literacy Research

  • L600 Issues in Second/Foreign Language Education & Literacy

  • D625 Adult Education Topical Seminar: ESL/EFL in Adult Education

  • L605 LCLE Masters Capstone Course

  • L544 Computer Assisted Language Learning

  • L543 Teaching English in Global Contexts

  • L540 ESL/EFL Approaches to Instruction and Assessment (Graduate)

  • L525 ESL Practicum

  • L500 Issues in Language Learning and Instruction in Language Education

  • L240 Introduction to Local & Global Engagements in English-as-a-Foreign/Second language

  • L441/L524 Bilingual & Bicultural Education

  • M445/L520 Advanced methods in foreign language teaching

  • M469/L517 Advanced study in content reading and literacy