Funded Projects & Research

Purpose: A program to provide instructional support for practicing professionals and serve as an introduction to Masters level coursework for students interested in graduate work. Read more.


Peer-to-Peer Teacher Mentorship & Exchange Program. 

Purpose: This program brings together public school teachers from Indiana and other countries to observe, demonstrate teaching, exchange ideas with and research each other's classrooms. 

The Pedagogy and Practice of Female Chinese English Language Teachers. 

Purpose: An ethnographic study using the voices of female Chinese English Teachers to uncover the “heat and light” of their professional lives.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration for Content Area Teachers (ICCATs). (January 2006-January 2008)

Purpose:  Professional development program and research into the embedded and sustained support to 75 math and science teachers in urban schools (East Chicago & Hammond) of English learners who are a combination U.S.-born or who have U.S.-born parents and thus the teachers face both opportunities and challenges that are different from their colleagues who work with predominantly foreign-born ELL students.

Costa Rica Project

This onsite-online (hybrid) program is an English Language Club for young women attending night school in Palmares and Naranjo, Costa Rica. The program is designed to be in line with the Ministry of Education’s new set of National English programs within the framework of Education for New Citizenship.  The Ministry’s efforts reflect the emphases of the U.S. Framework for 21st Century Learning created by a coalition of members of the US education leaders, business community members and policymakers to promote 21st century readiness amongst K-12 students through communicative confidence, authentic and self-directed engagements using World Languages such as English in a hypermediatized and globalized context. For more information, go to the EFL MultiModal Project in Costa Rica 

Research into English language teaching of ethnic minority students in Yunnan Province. 

Purpose: Classroom-based research into instructional strategies used to teach English as a Foreign Language to ethnic minority students in Kunming, Xuanwei and Qujing in Yunnan Province. The province is an ideal site as it has the highest number of ethnic group members among the provinces in China.

Classroom-based research into Chinese teachers’ knowledge-base in and glocalization of the teaching of English as a Foreign Language in three Tsinghua University-affiliated public schools  in Beijing.  

Purpose: The scope of Chinese English language teacher knowledge base is mapped through classroom observations, teacher interviews and document analyses.


Interdisciplinary Collaborative Program. 

Purpose: Professional development program and research into the collaboration of 180 in-service ESL and subject area teachers in instruction, assessment and bilingual/bicultural issues of English learners in their classrooms.

Classroom-based research into Turkish ELT’s knowledge base, Bogazici University

Purpose: A pilot research study to map Turkish EFL teachers’ knowledge base in a way that demonstrates both areas of unique expertise as well as areas requiring additional support.  Will serve as a basis for collaboration to strengthen language teacher education programs in the U.S. and Turkey.

Responsive Evaluation of the Center for English Language Training, American University of Mongolia

Purpose: Assistance is provided to AUM's English Language Department to develop a responsive teacher evaluation system using the expectations of and resources available to its faculty and administrators. Responsive evaluation is a form of action research that utilizes issues and concerns of stakeholders as the basis for program evaluation. It also involves the stakeholders in planning for improvements.

Teaching Training and the Professional Development of Chinese English Language Teachers: Changing from Fish to Dragon

Purpose: A research study of formal and informal professional development of Chinese ELTs in urban and rural/ethnically diverse areas of China.

Responsive Evaluation Study of ESL and Spanish Language Services in a rural Indiana County. 

Purpose: A responsive evaluation research of ESL and Spanish language services in a small rural Indiana county from the perspectives of language providers and recipients.

Purpose:  A program to provide embedded and sustained support before, during and after fieldwork, for Peace Corps volunteers to teach English-as-a-Second/Foreign Language.

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ESL Professional Communities for Expertise and Leadership Development 
ESL Professional Communities for Expertise and Leadership Development 

Purpose:  Expertise, leadership and community development abilities amongst 24 teachers of English learners in East Chicago and South Bend school districts.

Tandem Certification for Indiana Teachers (TACIT) Program (Face-to-face and online) National Professional Development Program.  

Purpose: Support for 130 ESL and content area teachers to pursue a joint professional development in ELL instruction at the IU School of Education for licensing as ESL teachers in Indiana (18 credit hours).